Friday, 1 April 2011

Folksy Friday - tuck your food up cosy and warm

I grew up in the sort of household where a packet of biscuits disappeared seconds after being opened.  If there was something nice in the fridge, then you ate it when you saw it because an hour later it would be gone forever.  My best friend, on the other hand, lived in a house where the kitchen cupboards were stuffed full with biscuits, sweets, shop bought cake and crisps and this stock never seemed to dwindle.  They picked at it occasionally, but there was no sense of urgency, and I remember being offered a biscuit from a packet that had gone out of date 3 years previously one day.  Unthinkable*. 

So the items that I am featuring today are of absolutely no use to me and the other gluttonous households out there as they would simply slow down the process of stuffing food into your mouth and consuming it, but would probably come in handy to people like my friend and her clan.

I love the 1950s housewife message on this.  Again, inappropriate in my household, as one of us usually staggers downstairs after being up with our son in the middle of the night to find the other one on the sofa with said son who has decided to get up at the crack of dawn to watch The Tweenies (thank you CBeebies for putting this chipper atrocity on at such a ridiculous hour, you bastards), so the day tends to be started with paracetamol and a vague exchange of grunts and oneupmanship over who had the least sleep.

This needs little explanation.  I did silent shaky laughing when I saw it and think I might just have to purchase 3 for Easter just for the comedy value.

Who knew that apples needed to be cosy?  Actually though, this is a genuinely good idea as it stops them from bruising in your bag.  Not very useful to me as I'm all "mmmm, an apple, om nom nom" as soon as I see it (or, to be more accurate, "an apple?  Pff.  Now where's that Mars Bar?")

Aha, something I could use.  Rory has developed a terror of flies for unknown reasons and hallucinates them everywhere.  We are having issues with getting him to eat anything with raisins in it at the moment as he thinks they're hiding flies.  Imagine the trauma if a fly got into his orange squash.  That's where one of these retro jug covers could come in handy.  Lots of different colours available in this shop.

Best. Lunch. Box. Ever.  Sean the monster will guard your sandwiches for you and is fully washable when the inevitable egg mayonnaise incident occurs.  The only question you need to consider is that age old decision: Five Alive or Um Bongo? (Um Bongo every time, clearly)

That's everything for today.  Happy food snuggling!

* Guess which family were skinny as rakes and which had the weight problem....


two hippos said...

Thank you so much for featuring my tea cosy!

OddSox aka Thesockgarden said...

Aren't they all fabulous! I really like the colours of the apple cosy.

Sugarplum Kawaii said...

Super Folksy Friday post...made me smile (-;

uhooi said...

Wow,, It works great and creative,,